Please read the terms & conditions carefully. By entering a race, you are explicitly acknowledging that you have read and understood the terms and that you agree to be bound by them.

Tough Viking

Tough Viking is an obstacle course race where the participants run a track of 8-15 km (exact length can vary and is not exact). Along the course are 20+ obstacles that the participant has to claim in order to finish the race.


Tough Viking is organized by Tough Viking AB, registered in Sweden. Corporate details:

Tough Viking AB
Erik Dahlbergsgatan 46
SE-115 57 Stockholm

Organizational number: 556888-4158
VAT number: SE 556888 4158 01

Terms and rules for participation


You have to be 18+ years in order to participate. However, it is possible to participate if you are 16 years old and have a written consent from your parents, that they take the full responsibility for your participation.

Sing-up for a race

  • Sing-up is exclusively done at / .com / .no / .fi / .dk / or .fr
  • By singing up you are acknowledging and accepting all the terms & conditions stated here
  • Due to security reasons we might have to limit the number of participants in each race
  • ID control will be made as you pick up your start kit normally at the race venue.
  • We are not able to hand out the start kit to anyone without a valid ID and you will not be able to start in the race, nor get a refund.
  • As you sing up for the race, you choose an open start time. Tough Viking can change the stated starting time if needed.
  • Purchased tickets will not be refunded.

Rules on and off the course


  • The participant has to follow the course and not deviate from the marked path
  • The participant has to accept all race instructions on the course and from the obstacle captains and the Tough Viking crew
  • If you cannot conquer an obstacle you will follow out the given punishment (penalty runs) before you continue.
  • You cannot at any time, on any obstacle dive in with your head first.
  • At the obstacle Slide you will go with your feet first. It is prohibited to go head first.
  • The track closes 2,5 hours (5-10km races) and 3 hours (15km) after the last start.


  • The participant acknowledges that Tough Viking is a great physical as well as psychological challenge where you will push your boundaries to the max. The race is normally 8-15 km and will include 20+ challenging obstacles. Note that it is a totally different thing to run 8-15 km on flat grounds. You will need to train hard for the event.
  • The participant acknowledges the toughness of the race and will prepare for the race by extensive necessary training
  • The participant can without problem swim at least 50 metres in cold and deep water.
  • We use light effects and participants with epilepsy will avoid those obstacles.
  • Participant with asthma or claustrophobia should stay clear of our obstacles that include confined spaces (crawling through long pipes etc.).


We urge each participant to sign up for a separate insurance that covers accidents in race like this.


Clothing and shoes

  • All participants have to wear proper shoes
  • Shoes with metal spikes are not allowed due to the risk of damaging the obstacles and hurting fellow competitors. If you use metal spikes we will disqualify you from the race and dismiss you without possibility of reclaiming your entrance fee.
  • Suits and costumes have to be designed not to endanger neither the participant or fellow racers. Tough Viking has the full right to decide what is proper and not and the participant will have to follow the instructions or he or she will not be able to participate in the race.
  • We recommend that you use functional sport fabrics and that you stay away from cotton as you will be wet for most part of the race. You should have dry and warm clothing at the finish.
  • Participants cannot participate without proper clothing on the lower body. What is proper is decided by Tough Viking.
  • We recommend that you use gloves with rubber texture for protecting your hands and ensure the best possible grip on wet obstacles. You will be able to purchase gloves at the race venue before the race.

Alcohol and other drugs

Participants as well as the audience cannot be intoxicated by alcohol or other drugs. This is a sports event and we will dismiss you from the area.

Environment and trash

Our races are held at unique and beautiful venues. Take care of the environment and all trash should be placed in the marked containers spread around the course. If not, you can be disqualified and dismissed from the area.

Discontinue a race

If the participant needs or wishes to discontinue the race, this is done easiest at an obstacle. Notify the obstacle captain, hand over the race chip to her/him. The obstacle captain will inform the Tough Viking organization that you have discontinued the race.

Emergency & health care

We have a race health care organization at the venue consisting of mobile medic teams, ambulance and health care tents (start/finish area). All obstacle captains are equipped with communication radios and mobile phones and can call for our mobile health care teams to arrive as fast as possible.

Personal Property

Tough Viking is not in any way responsible for thefts, crimes or loss of personal property before, during or after the race. It is up to each participant to protect their personal property and have their own insurance for covering issues like that.

The course, obstacles and drink stations

The participant acknowledges that Tough Viking at any time may change the course (length, area, location, obstacles and number of obstacles) as well as the number and the placement of the drinking stations. The course guides/maps that are published before the races are to be seen as basic and draft outline for what the course is likely to look like. Obstacles can be both added as withdrawn without that the participant can come with any claims against Tough Viking.

Pictures and videos from the race

Pictures and videos that might be taken on the participant during the race belong to Tough Viking. Tough Viking can use these in any form without further consent from or compensation to the participant. This also includes future marketing of the races.

Time chip and timing

Each participant will receive a time chip in the start kit that should be placed according to the instructions around the ankle.

Personal information

Tough Viking have the right to collect, treat and use your stated personal information. Tough Viking can also use this in order to send marketing mail from Tough Viking and our sponsors.

Force Majeure

Tough Viking has the right in case of for example, war, riots, fire, natural disaster (such as flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes), extreme weather conditions, explosions, strikes, epidemics, new laws prohibiting obstacle courses or decisions or recommendations from authorities or similar cancel or postpone the competition/competitions to (a) later date/dates. If the competition/competitions are cancelled Tough Viking has no obligation to reimburse the signing up fee and if the competition/competitions are postponed you will get the possibility to start in a Tough Viking-competition at a later point in time.


  • The participant can be disqualified from the race and dismissed from the grounds if behaving aggressively or in other terms not properly.
  • Tough Viking can, if Tough Viking deems the weather conditions to be unfit for a race, postpone the race or terminate it if conditions are getting unsafe. The participant fee will not be repaid in these circumstances.
  • Participants will observe and follow local laws and behave responsible and respectably towards fellow racers, the audience and the Tough Viking crew.