Race Rules and Sanctions Event

Tough Viking Competition classes follows the rules for OCR set by Svenska Friidrottsförbundet. They can be read here:https://www.friidrott.se/media/jqfdnwee/t%C3%A4vlingsregler-ocr-2023.pdf


To participate in competition classes, the participant must represent a club that is a member of Svenska Friidrottsförbundet.



Competition tactics are part of the interaction between competitors, and the competitor is obliged to:

    • Follow and not deviate from the predetermined race course.
    • Exercise good sportsmanship at all times.
    • Follow the intention of a rule even if the exact wording of the rule can be interpreted in different ways.
    • Be responsible for their own and others’ safety.
    • Follow instructions from officials/judges.
    • Treat other competitors, officials, volunteers,media, sponsors, and spectators with respect and politeness.


3.1.  All competitors are assigned three wristbands before the start.

3.2.  A fair attempt to complete all obstacles, as a general rule, means a fair attempt in which the competitor must apply their full body weight to the obstacle.

3.3.  ”Touch and Go” on an obstacle with the intention of ”failing” will result in disqualification.

3.4.  Only one attempt per obstacle where it states, ”one attempt only”. For other obstacles, there is a free number of attempts.

3.5.  In high obstacles, you may use the construction to reach the start of the obstacle, but it may not be used to gain an advantage.

3.6.  In obstacles with ”lanes”, it’s first come, first served if more competitors come to the obstacle at the same time.

3.7.  You may not push past someone or ”overtake” in the same ”lane” in the obstacle. You also may not change lanes in the obstacle, if the one in front of you
is slower, you may wait before or in the obstacle (without violating obstacle rules).

3.8.  In obstacles with start/finish line (black/yellow marking), the obstacle begins before the first line and ends after the last. You may not step/walk on the line. In the obstacle, you may not walk/use the ground or obstacle construction as help. If the end of the obstacle is a bell it must be touched with your hand. It is not allowed to kick the bell.

3.9.  If the competitor fails or the obstacle judge says that the obstacle has failed, a band should be removed immediately and given to the judge. It’s not okay to remove the band and just throw it away, it’s the competitor’s responsibility to make sure the judge gets the band.

3.10. After the last obstacle, those who have all bands left must hold to the right and clearly hold up their arm when running past the judge. Competitors who do not have all bands left hold to the left to do their penalty loops.

3.11. The competitor must have three wristband left at the finish line to receive a valid result.

3.12. The competitor must raise their arm at the finish line to show their wristbands, as this is filmed.

3.13. A penalty loop must be completed for each wristband that the competitor has lost. After each loop the competitor will receive a new wrist band. When the competitor has three wrist bands he/she can continue to the finish line.

3.14. The penalty loop should not take less time than the hardest obstacle.

3.15. Competitors who fail three (or more) obstacles and do not have any of their three wristbands left after the final obstacle on the course must run
to the finish. Such competitors will not have an official placement in the race.

3.16. The penalty loop should be placed after the final obstacle within sight of the finish line and spectators.

3.17. Competitors who cross the finish line simultaneously should be awarded a draw.

3.18. Failure to follow the rules may result in a verbal warning for the competitor, with the possibility of disqualification.

3.19. The competitor’s race number must be visible during the race, and the headband must be worn visibly above the shoulders.

3.20. The competitor may not have bare upper body.

3.21. It is prohibited to be barefoot and to use shoes with metal spikes/cleats.

3.22. Photos and videos taken by the organizer of the participant during the competition can be used by the organizer for marketing purposes, etc. without compensation to the participant. The participant consents by registering for the competition.

3.23. Participants compete at their own risk and have no right to make any claims against either the organizer Tough Viking or the landowner before, during or after the race. Participants should prepare themselves for the race to the best of their ability and take advantage of the information communicated and published before the race.