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Tough Viking have a race series for the elite to fight for the glory as the best Obstacle Racer in the Nordic regions. You apply for the races series as you sign up for the elite start heat in each race. If you register for Elite, you compete only in the Elite class and not in an age class. Only athletes starting in the elite heat will be a contender for the series. For places 1-10 in each race points are rewarded. The top four (4) best results during the season will be added together and the athlete with the highest combined score will be crowned as the winner. The 15km race at the Royal Djurgården in Stockholm is mandatory.

Race classes

Sign up
Apply to the elite starting heat when signing up. To apply you should run 10 km sub 38 minutes (men) and 42 minutes (women). Other top merits from races must be registered and will be considered.

To apply and sign up

OCR World Championship
The top 5 in each competition class have qualified for the World Championship. Those who have qualified for the World Championship should add a link to our result list when signing up for OCR WC. If you have any questions, please email

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Current standings 2022

Name and points total

Jørgen Tresselt 294
Martin Bäckström 200
Johan Ingemarsson 130
Philip Thudén 122
Tomas Mikaelsson 100
Lennart Söderlund 100
Ulf Petersen 90
Peter Öberg 80
Zachari Taron 80
Wilhelm Karlsson 70
Markus Johansen Westgaard 66
Sami Maamela 60
Jens Edberg 60
Morten Hvattum Lund 60
Cimmie Wignell 60
Saku Paavola 60
Leon Kofoed 50
Raul Flores 50
Andreas Marshall 40
Olav Drangsland 40
Ilkka Törmälä 40
Per-Ola Fagerström 38
Pontus Sjöblom 38
Ole Lukkedal 38
Viktor Björklund 38
Oskar Uhrbom 36
Alexander Lidberg 36
Espen Berget 36
Kristoffer Adolfsen 34
Tomasz Danielkiewicz 32
Robin Jalkerud 32
Robert Endre 30
Mathias Sandstedt 30
André Witt 30
Andre Rangelind 30

Name and points total

Malin Dahlbäck 310
Yoie Bohlin 200
Madeleine Larsson 140
Sara Forsström 116
Adna Tahirovic 100
Linda Wiese 86
Siri Englund 80
Mette Lukkedal 80
Malin Johansson 80
Pia Kind 78
Elin Johansson 60
Hanna Høiland 60
Tia Alstslo 60
Tindra Apell 50
Tinja Haikka 50
Hannah Ljungström 40
Karin Hesslow 40
Madeleine Paldan 38
Vanja Karlsson 34
Gunhild Stølen 32
Cecilia Haglund 30

Series/Tour system
The top 10 best athletes get series points. Series points can be acquired in each Tough Viking standard race. Points will be on the webpage to follow the leader board during the season. Your rank in the Tough Viking series is based on your four (4) best results in Tough Viking races during 2022. Tough Viking Stockholm, Djurgården at the 27th of August 2022 is mandatory.

Participants that race in the Elite group are not allowed to help each other in any way around the course or on the obstacles.
You are not allowed to receive assistance from the audience or any other way during the race.
As an elite racer you should stick to the middle of the course and not take any easy side at any time. Obstacles shall be claimed in the middle or next to the middle.
If you do not refer to the rules you will be disqualified.

1st place: 100 points
2nd place: 80 points
3rd place: 60 points
4th place: 50 points
5th place: 40 points
6th place: 38 points
7th place: 36 points
8th place: 34 points
9th place: 32 points
10th place: 30 points