Tough Viking introduces a race series for the elite to fight for the glory as the best Obstacle Racer in the Nordic regions. You apply for the races series as you sign up for the elite start heat in each race. Only athletes starting in the elite heat will be a contender for the series. For places 1-10 in each race points are rewarded. The top four (4) best results during the season will be added together and the athlete with the highest combined score will be crowned as the winner. The 15km race at the Royal Djurgården in Stockholm is mandatory.

Race classes

Sign up
Apply to the elite starting heat when signing up. To apply you should run 10 km sub 38 minutes (men) and 42 minutes (women). Other top merits from races will also be considered.

To apply and sign up

OCR World Championship
The top 5 in each age group have qualified for the World Championship. Those who have qualified for the World Championship should add a link to our result list when signing up for OCR WC. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Series/Tour system
The top 10 best athletes get series points. Series points can be acquired in each Tough Viking standard race. Points will be on the webpage to follow the leader board during the season. Your rank in the Tough Viking series is based on your four (4) best results in Tough Viking races during 2018. Tough Viking Stockholm, Djurgården at the 24th of August 2019 is mandatory.

Elite Male 2019
1a plats: Mathias Stjernlöf – 112 poäng
2a plats: Tobias Jäger – 100 poäng
3e plats: Martin Stjernlöf – 100 poäng
4e plats: Willhelm Karlsson – 98 poäng
5e plats: Martin Bäckström – 80 poäng
6e plats: Glenn Edvardsen – 60 poäng
7e plats: Axel Mendes – 50 poäng
8e plats: Philip Thudén – 50 poäng
9e plats: Magnus Marklund – 40 poäng
10e plats: Ulf Petersen – 40 poäng

Elite Female 2019
1a plats: Malin Dahlbäck – 160 poäng
2a plats: Karin Karlsson – 100 poäng
3e plats: Madeleine Paldan – 98 poäng
4e plats: Hilde Nordstrand – 80 poäng
5e plats: Elin Härkönen – 80 poäng
6e plats: Emelie Lindgren – 50 poäng
7e plats: Maria Johansson – 50 poäng
8e plats: Maja Wellner – 40 poäng
9e plats: Camilla Boander – 40 poäng
10e plats: Johanna Dermer – 38 poäng