Welcome to Tough Viking

Tough Viking brought Obstacle Racing to Scandinavia and since then been leading the development in Obstacle racing. Tough Viking is a competition for everyone, both the elit athlete and the regular exerciser. Tough Viking is great for the visitors and in 2015 more than 150 000 visited our races.

First start is 10.00 and after that there’s a start every ten minutes until approximate 15.00, it depends on which race.

Our sponsor are on site with products and activities, and they are located at start and finish.

Tough Viking brings products from the webshop and there is a possibility to buy food.

We usually recommend our competitors and visitors to travel with local traffic instead of car since it’s often not enough parking plots. Below is the adress for all races.

Moskva 30 july- Kuzminki

Kuzminki Park

Stockholm 27 August- Kungliga Djurgården

Södra Djurgården, Gärdet

Helsinki 10 September- Kaisaniemi

Kaisaniemi Park

Paris 1 October- Camp militaire de Frileuse

Beynes Avenue du Général Leclerc 78650 Beynes