Number bibs and time chips?

Be at the venue in time and claim your number bib and time chip. There may be some waiting time as we often have around 5.000 athletes in our races. Bring your valid ID. Each person must get his or her own starting kit personally. The time chip (that is in the kit) should be attached to your right foot ankle. If you are not sure how to, ask us and we will show you how.

How to make changes – race form, name of team etc?

It is easy to make adjustments and changes through your account. This includes changes of race form (individually or team) as well as change or add team name. Click here to log in to our races.

How to add new members to a team?

Find the team in the team list by scrolling and add yourself as you sign up for the race. You chose how you want to compete – individually or as a team – in the sign up system.

Please note that it is not possible to add more team members to your team if that starting group is full. In this case if you wish to add more team members, the members of the team have to change starting group to a group that has open spots and then the new member can sign up for the team. We will not over fill starting groups as this does not benefit anyone.

Tough Viking – length and how hard is a race?

The length of the courses varies from venue to venue and each course is unique. The race at the Royal Djurgården is 15 km and the races in Gothenburg as well as Stockholm Stadium are around 8 km.

The courses are set in detail a few months prior to start and are publicized here and at our Facebook page.

Remember that a Tough Viking race is anything but a flat walk in the park. Be prepared. Train. Hard.

Race classes? 

Men, Women,  Elite and as a Team. Teams are mixed and you can set up the team as you prefer (all men, all women, mixed). A team is made out of at least 4 persons and the best 4 individual times are registered as the team final result.

Time and time chip?

You could see this as a race and go for the best possible time, however many just aim at getting through our amazing and challenging course. It is all up to you how you will see it.

In the start kit you get a time chip and this should be attached around the right foot ankle.

How to get to the race and parking spaces?

We recommend that you use the public transportation system as parking spaces are generally scarce.

How to find my way around the course? 

The course is marked with strips and it is easy to find your way around. You can always ask our obstacle captains if you are unsure or need tips on how to claim the course. We have maps of the course online as well at the starting area.

How warm is the water? 

During spring time (April and May) the water temperature in the Nordic countries is normally 7-9 degrees Celsius. In June it can be as low as 12 degrees and during July and August the temperature often climbs to 18-20 degrees Celsius. During September it generally falls to 15-18 degrees.

Race preparations and suggested clothing? 

See ”Race preparations”

Is the race at your own risk? 


Are you insured by Tough Viking? 


Health care and rescue? 

We hire a professional health care team at each race. The team has professionally manned tents at the start/finishing area where you can get help with anything from band aids to more severe injuries. Along the track all obstacle captains have communication radios so that they can call for our mobile health care teams to be at the place within minutes.

Note that it is mandatory to help a fellow racer that is in need of help.

Is there a wardrobe?

Yes, there is a wardrobe where you put your bag in a black plastic bag.  You check in and out of the wardrobe area with your start number. Please note that Tough Viking is not responsible for your bag.

Do you have showers?

No, but a fire hose…..

The race start?

First start is normally round 10:00 and then we let staring groups out every 10 minutes.  Last starting group is normally at around 15:00 depending on which race you have signed up for.

Price for the race?

Is normally between 60 EUR and 100 EUR depending on when you sign up. VAT is 6% on sport contests in Sweden. Sometimes is can be possible to buy a spot at the venue the same day. The price is then 100 EUR per person.

Purchasing conditions? 

The law concerning the right to withdraw is not applicable for the purchase of tickets and spots at events like this. When your booking is made, you are bound by your purchase. No bookings or purchases can be made without prepayment. It is not possible to transfer a purchase to another person. If you as a customer are invoiced, you will stand by the purchase and payment whether you participate or not. Note that a booking and purchase with invoice is not valid and fulfilled before the invoiced has been paid. We therefore have the right to cancel unpaid bookings before the event. If you or your company wish to pay by invoice, please contact us. You are obligated to check yourself if a race is moved or cancelled.  If the race is cancelled, you should contact the event organizer that is responsible for repurchases of bookings. Service and administrative fees will not be repaid.

Delivery of purchase?

All that sign up properly will receive a mail of confirmation. No physical tickets will be sent out.

You need to bring a valid ID in order to get your starting kit at the day of the event. Without your valid ID you will not be able to start the race.

Payed tickets will not be refunded.

When will I receive the clothes I ordered when signing up?

We start to send the clothes in March and then send it once a month.

Are you able to run as a company team?

Yes, you are able to run in a team with your company. If you would like to proceed with racing with your company, you will have to create an account. You do this here: After creating your account make sure to log in. Once logged in, you will have the opportunity to enter your billing information, select start time and lastly register your team name. Also, one person is responsible for registering all participants.